"ADULT" bamboo toothbrush: Mable

"ADULT" bamboo toothbrush: Mable



Every year, nearly 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are created worldwide. Because of the painfully slow rate that plastic decomposes, every plastic toothbrush that’s ever been made...still exists. Crazy, right?  Yes, we think so!  That’s why we (Alexey, Emma and Gilmar) teamed up to create MABLE: a super-stylish and eco-friendly toothbrush with a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle.

We know what you’re thinking...one small change, like choosing a bamboo toothbrush, won’t make a difference. But what if you make that same choice over and over again? Now you’ve made a dent.

Our bamboo is naturally antibacterial and water-resistant.
Elegant, ergonomic and self-standing.
Available in three types of bristle strengths: extra soft, soft and medium.
Plastic-Free Packaging.

Color and bristles: Bristles: medium - color: orange
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We source and harvest our bamboo sustainably from a forest in Ningbo, China. It's owned by the village of Dalei, with harvesting methods approved of by the Yinzhou Forestry Bureau. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It's naturally antibacterial and water-resistant, making it ideal for your toothbrush handle.


We designed and developed our toothbrush to be elegant, ergonomic, and self-standing. Our handles are hand-finished and hand-packed to ensure the best quality. To give your brush a splash of color that's still eco-friendly, we use a plant-based, non-toxic paint, which is fully biodegradable.


Our toothbrush is available in three types of bristle strengths: extra soft, soft and medium. The bristles are made from non-toxic, BPA-free nylon. Nylon can be recycled at select recycling facilities, but due to the bristles’ small size, we recommend placing it in the trash bin so that it’s not blown into the environment.


Our box design uses folding tabs instead of glue to hold it together, and it’s made from unbleached, recycled cardboard. We also use soy-based inks to print our design.

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