HELICHRYSUM organic essential oil: Savon Stories

HELICHRYSUM organic essential oil: Savon Stories


Helichrysum Organic Essential Oil (Immortelle)

Honey-sweet and herbaceous with a smoky, musk-like undertone, helichrysum (also known as “immortelle”) is harmonising and uplifting, but especialy renowned for its skin regenerating properties.

✓ Mood balancing
✓ Skin healing and rejuvenating
✓ Antioxidant & antibacterial properties help against acne

Skincare: Strong anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent remedy to optimise healing from scars and wounds.

Stomach & digestion concerns: Brewed as a herbal tea in traditional Mediterranean folk medicine, the flower is used for digestion, stomach and intestinal complaints.

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Some studies have revealed its ability to naturally relaxing gut muscles, bringin relief from any stomach pains caused by spasms. Specific claims are evidenced by either clinical studies or taken from folkloric tradition, which is not guaranteed to be successful for everyone. Contact us for more information.


Cotton ball: put a few drops in cotton balls and breathe in or (better still) place cotton in a cylindrical container first and breathe in from there. Keep the container at 10cm away and inhale 10 deep breaths. Repeat steps for desired effects 2-3 times a day.

Diffuser/Vaporisation: add recommended number of drops to nebulizer or cold steam diffuser. Bath: Add few drops to bath. To help oils disperse easily, mix first with little oil or our liquid soap before pouring into bath.

Steam/Compress for cold/flu: Add 10 drops to 100ml very warm water. Soak cloth in the scented water & wrap on desired area (ideal for bruises, wounds, muscular aches & pains and skin problems). For facial steam add 5 drops to bowl of hot water, cover head with a towel to make a tent, then steam face for a few mins.

Massage: Use 1-2% essential oil to carrier (i.e. 1-2 drops per 10ml of carrier); for children under 12 halve this amount.

INCI: Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil (100% pure & organic)
Naturally occurring: Geraniol
Cultivation: Italy
Source: Flower
Extraction: Steam distillation
Aroma: Sweet, herbal & slightly musky
How it looks: Thin & pale yellow
Perfumery note: Middle

Do not use undiluted on the skin without professional advice. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical advice before using during pregnancy. Keep in a cool, dry place.


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