Leahlani… Every green beauties know these amazing products…

Tropical fruits, pure organic Hawaiian nectars, organic botanicals and clays… all blended in intimate, aloha-infused on the lush shore of Kauai.

"My intention is that you fall in love with your skincare ritual, from the second you open each jar.  I invite you to experience a unique way to care for your skin, using products that combine some of the most opulent and luxurious ingredients that ensure that every step of their use is a celebration for the senses.

Each time you open your jar, I hope you can escape into moments of pure serenity and sensory bliss.  From the pure tropical fragrances, soft shades of colors from mother natures palette, silken textures and effervescent bubbles of botanical magic, these moments are for you to savor.

When something is made by hand with love, you can feel it. Each jar and bottle of Leahlani harnesses that connection and is infused with aloha. Become inspired to care for your skin by setting the intention for healing, and each time that you touch your precious face, do so with tenderness and love".


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